About Us

About Us

Secular, Eclectic, Academic Publishing was founded to provide educators with a place to find a better selection of innovative academic teaching materials. We believe that education should focus on flexibility for both individual learning styles and for a range of development, and support for facilitators to meet the needs of their learners. We believe that learning is most effective when it is handcrafted to meet the strengths, challenges and passions of the individual. The catalyst for making this happen is a broad selection of teaching materials that embody these values.

As the landscape of education is rapidly changing, it has become increasingly more important that high-quality, varied materials are written and produced. Writing good materials is a time-consuming endeavor, and many authors have suggested that it does not seem worth their time and effort. While the author’s goal is for people to enjoy learning from their materials, one of the biggest hurdles to success is the difficulty in finding and audience and marketing their work. Finding a publisher is not always the answer to this dilemma. Authors who contract with a publisher often lose the copyright to their materials, and receive a surprisingly small percentage for sales of their materials. Websites like Amazon have revolutionized the self-publishing industry by providing a place where self-published authors can list their products, however most of these companies do little to nothing when it comes to promoting the vast majority of self-published authors. Additionally, these companies keep a huge portion of any income from sales.  

At Secular, Eclectic, Academic Publishing we came to realize that the answer to providing more high quality educational materials is to develop a new model that will incentivize and support authors. The purpose of Secular, Eclectic, Academic Publishing is to provide a platform that will lead to the publication and availability of a diverse body of work. There are challenges in making this happen, but we have a solid plan to help people who are creating and developing educational material from start to finish, or anywhere in between.

  • When an author publishes materials through Secular, Eclectic, Academic Publishing, they will benefit from our experience, strategic planning, and community resources.
  • We provide easy and reliable access to services such as low cost ISBNs, consulting, vetted content editors, vetted grammar editors, graphic designers, and illustrators.
  • All authors set their list price. 

If you are interested in publishing through Secular, Eclectic, Academic Publishing contact us any time with any questions.

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Meet our Authors


Blair Lee is the author of several science courses, including The Science of Climate Change. Before retiring, Blair taught chemistry and biology at the college level. During this time, Blair found that many of her students were lacking in basic foundational science upon entering college. She believes science can be and should be taught from the beginning of a child’s education. In addition to Secular Eclectic Academic, Blair is also the founder of SEA Homeschoolers.


Jason Grooms is a science nut and a homeschooling father of six ever-curious kids (two graduated and four still in process). He finds no greater joy than sharing his passion for learning and helping inspire the next generation of super geniuses. Jason is an Anthropologist by education, an animal care and behavior specialist by training, a teacher by accident, and a learning and development executive by choice. Jason maintains an adventure blog at The Brainy Tourist and a YouTube channel called Geek on the Peak TV.

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