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Blair Lee, M.S.

I have been involved in science education for over two decades, first as a community college professor and secondly as an author of science courses. I write concept-rich, hands-on science courses for homeschoolers, co-ops and small classrooms that include mainstream science presenting the accepted facts, theories, and models as would be recommended by the majority of practicing experts in each field of science. I am a passionate advocate of innovative academics where the focus is on how subjects are best learned. I have found that science is best learned when there is a thoughtful pairing of information followed directly with a hands-on application of that information, which is what I have done for this book, The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course. I am an author for the critically acclaimed R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey Series and the founder of Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers.

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Blair's Books

The Science of Climate Change

The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course focuses on the science concepts needed to understand why the climate is changing at this time, how humans are responsible, and what can be done to slow or stop the global warming that is causing climate change.

RSO Astronomy 2

RSO Astronomy (Level 2) is a comprehensive astronomy course for grades 6 through 10. But unlike many science textbooks, this book is not a dry collection of facts and worksheets but rather an in-depth course that engages young people’s minds at the same time that they are actively participating in the learning of astronomy.

RSO Astronomy 2

RSO Astronomy (Level 2) is contained in two books (student text and teacher guide). Divided into 12 chapters, Astronomy 2 provides a complete semester-long astronomy course that is generally completed in 12 to 16 weeks. Some lab work, such as monitoring the sun and the moon over an extended period of time, is continued after completion of the main course.

RSO Biology 2

RSO Biology (Level 2) is a comprehensive course for life science at the middle school level (grades 5 through 8). This in-depth course engages young people’s minds at the same time they are actively participating in the learning of biology.

RSO Biology 2 Teacher Guide

RSO Biology (Level 2) is contained in two books a student text and a parent/teacher guide. The parent/teacher’s text provides all the help a science novice needs to assist students. Divided into 32 chapters, both texts together provide a rigorous and complete middle school biology course that covers a 36 week school year.

RSO Chemistry 1

RSO Chemistry (Level 1) is appropriate for 2nd to 5th grade. This comprehensive course covers topics usually reserved for high school chemistry, but in way that youngsters can easily grasp. Topics covered include atoms, molecules, the periodic table, states of matter, acids & bases, and chemical reactions.

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