Brynn Burger

Brynn Burger

Brynn Burger - Simply Living Right Now

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About the Author

Brynn Burger author of Simple Living Right Now is the creator of The Mama on the Rocks blog and social media community. She is a writer, speaker, and coach to parents of extreme children, fellow and future Roadschoolers, and folks looking to simplify their lives to reclaim the joy-filled journey we’re meant to live.

Most recently, Brynn published Simple Living, Right Now: Ending Life’s Chaos & Reclaiming Joy where she tells with hilarity and vulnerability how she and her husband sold their 15 acres and dream farmhouse to live tiny in 2017 in order to better meet the needs of their extreme child.

The Mama On The Rocks is a community of like-minded people who are interested in the benefits simplified living has on both mental health as well as joy in living simply.

Since downsizing, Brynn has created eCourses, spoken at conferences, and taught educators, professionals, and parents throughout the country at events surrounding simple living and why it is possible and beneficial for everyone, no matter the size of their home.

Book by Brynn Burger

Simply LIving Right Now

Simple Living Right Now is the ‘tidying up’ book for people who don’t have time to pull out everything they own and hold it because this is real life and that idea gives them anxiety.

In this hilariously entertaining and down-to-earth, practical guide, Brynn Burger walks you through more than just each room in your home; she also helps you consider other areas of life that might be toxic enough to cause you chaos.

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