Kayla Ferguson

Kayla Ferguson

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About the Author

I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I played number of competitive sports growing up and still compete in ultra-endurance events around the states today. It was during college, when I was no longer participating in competitive athletics, that I became aware of how growing up with frequent exercise and a strong emphasis on healthy living served me well beyond my ability to win a competitive sports game; knowing how to lead a healthy life and enjoying doing so has been an essential part of any successes I have had so far!

It was a number of years ago when I was working at a preschool that I started looking around for children’s books with a fun emphasis on healthy living, hoping to offer the inner city kids I was working with the same opportunity for healthy living success that I was fortunate enough to receive; what better time to learn to be healthy than when you’re a young child? I found it surprisingly difficult to find a book with this content, so I decide to write my own and I self-published the first book in a forthcoming series about fitness and it being fun!

Kayla Ferguson's Book

Fitness is Fun is the first book of a forthcoming series that highlights the benefits of learning fitness at a young age. With whimsical illustrations and text appropriate for kids ages 2-6, this book is an ideal addition to any family interested in teaching kids about a healthy lifestyle from the start.

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