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As new products come in they automatically load to this page. At SEA Books & More we want to help small independent authors, publishers, and merchants and their customers find each other. It is one way that SEA Books & More works to support our authors and merchants, giving you an incentive to check out these new products.



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SEA Homeschoolers Gear is for secular homeschooling kids & parents alike. It is perfect for park days! The t-shirts and magnets have the tree logo that was specially designed for the group Secular Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers. The design represents a phylogenetic tree showing the evolution of learning as something that is holistic and reflective of the many different types & styles of learning. Blair Lee, evolutionary biologist, chemist, & founder of SEA Homeschoolers, commissioned artist Don McIntire to create this logo. The tree is symbolic of SEA Homeschoolers tagline, “An Evolution in Homeschooling.”

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