Anthill For Sale

Anthill For Sale


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Alvin and his wife decide to sell the home they have lived in most of their lives. Alvin shows his home to potential homeowners. The buyers can’t see the beauty in the anthill and want to change everything about it. Alvin is frustrated that they cannot see what he sees: happy times. Alvin relives all the memories of he and his family have shared in this home. Alvin has a change of heart and must convince his wife the anthill is their only place to call home.

Alvin is ready to sell his anthill, or so he thinks. When a whole host of potential buyers come through with their own ideas for his beloved home, Alvin becomes sentimental about what home really means. This charming book is full of fun characters. The illustrations are wonderful- colorful and very detailed. Children will love all the adorable insect characters. Teachers and librarians will appreciate the lyrical rhyme and teaching potential.

This book is great and has a positive father figure as the main character. The illustrations are beautiful and the theme is emotional.

This whimsical rhyming tale tells the story of Alvin, an ant, who puts his home up for sale… but has some reservations about the whole thing. We meet a hilarious group of potential buyers, including a stinkbug, a mole, and a centipede, all of whom want to remodel the home in their own fashion. Each one gets a hearty heave-ho from Alvin, who has so many memories much invested in his home, that it’s almost impossible to think of having someone else living there. He and his wife raised their family in that anthill, after all; and entertained countless family and friends there. He finally turns to his wife and says, “This anthill is full of our dreams. They have made us so happy, day in and day out, They have taught us what life really means”.

With bright, bold illustrations and a relaxing cadence to the rhyme, parents will relate to Alvin’s reluctance to sell his longtime home, and kids will understand how memories form who we are. This one is an nice additional purchase to picture book collections.


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