Computational Thinking: If, Then and Else Statements

Computational Thinking: If, Then and Else Statements



You will receive when purchasing Computational Thinking: If, Then and Else Statements: Clear and detailed instructions, Step by step examples, 12 Task cards with Solutions More from the Paperless Educator!

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Product Description

Product Description for Computational Thinking: If, Then and Else Statements:

You don’t need coding software to start learning computer programming!

In this fun resource, you will be introduced to how computer programmers plan decisions.

Computers can make decisions, however, they have to be programmed to do so first by using If, Then and Else statements!

This resource introduces If, Then, and Else Statements and how to use computational thinking skills to create them.

This video explains everything included in Computational Thinking: If, Then and Else Statements

What Are Computational Thinking Skills?

Computational thinking is all about the questions you ask and the logical (yet creative) way you design the solution.

The practical decision-making skills outlined in this resource can be applied no matter your child’s chosen career path!

Note: A colorful A4 poster that explains Computational Thinking is provided within the resource to print out and pin-up!

Computational Thinking, Computer Science

What You Receive

The resource is a 17 page PDF provided as a digital download.

I developed and thoroughly tested it in my live digital technology workshops conducted for children 8 – 12 years.

You will receive:

  • Clear and detailed instructions on how to use the resource and what material to cover in each session.

  • Several step by step examples are provided for you to work through with your child, in order to gain a solid understanding of the If, Then and Else Statement process.

  • Once understanding is established, 12 task cards are provided so the student can test their new-found skills!

  • Solutions for all the task cards are provided

What Do I Need To Complete The Activities?

You have two choices:

Unplugged Version – All activities can be completed with only a pencil and paper!

Plugged Version – You can use the FREE Popplet Lite planning app (available for IOS or desktop) to create digital plans.

Popplet install instructions and link are provided for you within the resource

Please view video preview for a detailed overview of the resource.

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