Conceptual Physics Online Course

Conceptual Physics Online Course



Conceptual Physics engages students with analogies and imagery from real-world situations to build a strong conceptual understanding of physical principles ranging from classical mechanics to modern physics.

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Product Description

Conceptual Physics from Conceptual Academy - High School Level Science

Full Version (25 – 36 weeks)
Recommended for Grades 9+

Conceptual Physics: This self-study physics course walks the student through Paul Hewitt’s favorite content, which, no surprise, is practically the entire book. This is ample content for a two semester course of study. Highly recommended for students needing an introduction to the essential concepts of physics, whether it be to fulfill a science requirement or as preparation for further studies. The material is presented in 41 self-paced lessons. In addition to video tutorials and reading assignments, eight unit exams are provided along with study aids, such as worksheets, simulations, and automated quizzes. Importantly, for each lesson, the author provides his personal comments and guidance regarding the material. Also includes a complete set of meaningful and engaging labs using only materials available from home or a discount store.

Review a pdf of Physics text front matter including its table of contents. Here are a few sample pages of discussing Newton’s second law of motion: physics sample. These are actually physics pages from our very similar upper level physics and physical science sample pages textbook, which extends the approach of Conceptual Physics to include chemistry, Earth science, and astronomy.

Conceptual Academy has 11 high school and middle school level science courses.

What You Need

The complete course includes the online course, the textbook, and the supplies needed for the labs. The authors have created their own lab manual that comes free with the purchase of this online course. All the labs within this manual are designed to be safely performed using only materials from your household or a local discount store. Thank you for being responsible in following common sense safety precautions and procedures.

The text is for sale on Amazon. Conceptual Academy recommends you purchase a used copy or rent the book, to make the course more affordable.

This is an affiliate link to the book.

Sample Video from Conceptual Physics

To learn more about this course, please review the Conceptual Physics teacher’s manual:

Conceptual Physics Teacher’s Manual

8 Units; 41 Classes

Unit A: Mechanics Part 1
Unit B: Mechanics Part 2
Unit C: Matter
Unit D: Heat
Unit E: Sound
Unit F: Electromagnetism
Unit G: Light
Unit H: Modern Physics

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