Coral Reef Animals Book 2: Vertebrates

Coral Reef Animals Book 2: Vertebrates


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This is the only children’s book to focus on the fascinating world of coral reef vertebrates (animals having a backbone).

Each animal profile is a poem that teaches entertaining facts while delighting the listener with rhythm and rhyme.

Unlike the dry prose of other nature books, these charming poems make the information easy to remember.

Features stunning illustrations.

My kids loved the first one on invertebrates, and loved the follow up book on vertebrates! Great info and a great message for kids.

Eve Heidi Bine-Stock’s picture book, Coral Reef Animals Book 2: Vertebrates, is a treasure. The multiple sea creatures are colorfully illustrated and their appearance and habitat cleverly described in rhyming verse. Young readers will certainly enjoy this remarkable little book. The book illustrates and describes both the well known, like the seahorse, and the lesser known, like the stone fish. Fascinating details about each creature are charmingly revealed in this poetic dissertation for young readers. The book ends with a cautionary note to encourage young readers to want to take care of the coral reefs and to recycle wisely and effectively.


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