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Fitness is Fun


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Kayla M Ferguson

Fitness is Fun is the first book of a forthcoming series that highlights the benefits of learning fitness at a young age. With whimsical illustrations and text appropriate for kids ages 2-6, this book is an ideal addition to any family interested in teaching kids about a healthy lifestyle from the start.

This children’s book is inspiring in how it encourages little ones to get up and GO do things in the world. Tuning into technology all of the time is unhealthy for anyone, especially our young people. This cleverly illustrated rhyme will give your little ones all kinds of healthy activities to choose from to get them moving! It also points out the importance of making healthy choices now to gain a lifetime of health. I love that the whole family is involved in many of the illustrated activities. A fun read – I can’t wait for the series!

Cute! Love that this book reminds kids of all the things they can do physically to play, especially since these days it is easy to get sucked into technology. Could be a really great reminder for parents too! I love how colorful and vibrant the illustrations are, and the rhyme scheme is sweet. I also appreciate that there is diverse racial representation. I feel it is important that kids see images in media that look like them. Looking forward to seeing the other books in this series!

This is such a sweet informative book about Fitness. It’s so important for our children to get up, go outside, and exercise. We don’t talk about it enough or give kids all the options that this book suggests. The illustrations are extremely colorful and fun, my twins love looking at the pictures of the children doing different exercises and sports. Can’t wait to read more in the series. These are the kind of books every little Toddler needs.


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