Five Chapter Books 6: Dog on a Log Series eBook

Five Chapter Books 6: Dog on a Log Series eBook



Five Chapter Books 6 of the Dog on a Log series that gives kids a chance to practice towards mastery of new phonics rules before introducing the next set of rules. Fun and engaging books that are perfect for phonics readers and kids with dyslexia.

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Product Description

Systematic Decodable Books for Phonics Readers and Kids With Dyslexia

Five Chapter Books 6: Dog on a Log – Finally, a delightful book series that helps kids learn phonics rules step by step. Fun and engaging books designed for anyone learning to read with phonics, especially learners with dyslexia. Start anywhere in the series, according to your child’s reading level. Check out all Dog on a Log Books.

This collection is the five books in Step 6 of the DOG ON A LOG Five Chapter book series.

The books are:

The Colt 
The Gold Bolt 
Hide In The Blinds 
The Stone Child 
Tolt The Kind Cat

Sight Words: 
a, are, as, be, come, comes, could, do, does, for, from, go, goes, has, have, he, her, here, his, I, into, is, me, Ms., my, no, of, OK, onto, or, pull, pulls, push, put, puts, said, say, says, see, sees, she, should, so, some, talk, talks, the, their, there, they, to, walk, walks, want, wants, was, we, what, where, would, you, your, yours

Each book has about 1,390 to 2,000 total words.

These are Step 6 Chapter books.

The DOG ON A LOG Books series are for phonics readers and dyslexic learners. They are Decodable books which means a child who has been taught the phonics rules and the limited sight words in that book can sound them out and read them. The words used reflect the inclusion of 1 to 3 new phonics rules in each step. There are five books at each step.

The chapter books are written in a chapter format with one picture in most chapters. They are longer, have more detail, and sometimes offer more complexity than the Let’s GO! Books. They’re great for practicing known and new phonics rules. They’re also just fun reading.

DOG ON A LOG Let’s GO! Books are shorter versions of DOG ON A LOG Chapter books. Let’s GO! books tell the same stories with about 8 pictures and only a few sentences per page. They’re perfect as an introduction to the new phonics rules or simply for fun reading for younger kids.

Five Chapter Books 6: DOG ON A LOG Phonics Progression

Step 1
Consonants, primary sounds
Short vowels
Digraphs: ch, sh, th, wh, ck
2 and 3 sound words
Possessive ‘s

Step 2
Bonus letters (f, l, s, z after short vowel)
–s suffix

Step 3
ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk

Step 4
Consonant Blends to make 4 sound words
3 and 4 sound words ending in –lk, -sk

Step 5
Digraph blends –nch to make 3 and 4 sound words
Silent e, including “-ke”

Step 6
ild, old, olt, ind, ost

Step 7
5 sounds in a closed syllable word plus suffix -s (crunch, slumps)
3 letter blends and up to 6 sounds in a closed syllable word (script, spring)

Step 8
Two syllable words with 2 closed syllables, not blends (sunset, chicken, unfit)



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Lynne E. Jaffee, PHD, co-author: Woodcock-Johnson IV: Reports, Recommendations, and Strategies (2016), and Comprehensive Evaluations: Case Reports for Psychologists, Diagnosticians, and Special Educators (2011): In the 45 years that I have been teaching students with dyslexia, I’m always looking for reading material. Pamela Brookes has created DOG ON A LOG Chapter Books that follow an incremental, phonics-based pattern and work well with Orton-Gillingham based programs. Ms. Brookes’ books will be a great asset to educational therapists, parents, and special education teachers in their work with children and adults with dyslexia.

Arrecina Becken: My 9 year old boy loves these books! It has been so exciting for him to find books he can read. He has been telling strangers about how wonderful these books are for kids with Dyslexia. We highly recommend them.

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