High School Writing using Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers from Dayla Learning

High School Writing using Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers from Dayla Learning


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Product Description

Dr. Michelle Diane Parrinello-Cason

This class takes an integrated reading and writing approach that prepares high schoolers for the types of reading and writing they’ll be expected to perform in college classrooms. It provides an entire semester’s worth of material (suggested time: 12 weeks) and includes both informal and formal writing prompts, readings about the writing process, grammar and vocabulary practice, comprehension activities, and supplemental readings.

This product contains 16 separate sections. The first is a teacher’s guide. It is followed by 12 individual weekly packets designed to be given directly to students and written to them as the reader. It also contains a document with the answer keys for all activities, optional reading quizzes, and a document with grading rubrics for the formal papers.

Students will learn about brainstorming; how to set priorities when writing a paper; making multiple drafts; addressing a particular audience; how to avoid run-ons, fragments, and comma splices; and how to adjust style and tone. They will also dig deep into the topics of success and the American Dream, the themes around which the book is written. Through reading the entire book, watching videos, and reading supplemental links, students will leave this class having considered multiple perspectives and forming their own opinions.

This course could be used for an individual student in a homeschooling setting or for a small group class in a classroom or co-op setting. In beta testing, parents reported success using this with both reluctant high school students and advanced middle school students.

“I feel like it is exactly what I’d be looking for in a curriculum. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I was very impressed with the entire program. It was well-planned and not only met the needs of the students, but thoroughly engaged them.”

“The book/topics . . . actually engaged my daughter and her classmate. When we first bought the book and she just looked at it, she was not happy about having to do this and thought it would be ‘so boring.’ After week 3 we had to skip a week and she was actually upset because she ‘really wanted to do this discussion!’ Having her be willing to do writing without complaint was a gift for us. She was so interested in the whole thing that she didn’t complain about it.”


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