History Odyssey Early Modern Level One

History Odyssey Early Modern Level One



History Odyssey Early Modern Level One is a teacher/parent guide that provides step by step lessons to teach world history from 1600 to 1850. Also from Pandia Press.

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Product Description

Product Description History Odyssey Early Modern Level One

Pages: 75

Grade level: appropriate for 1st – 5th grade, target grade is 3rd

Course type: Study guide (Please see the Booklist for the books required to complete this course.)

From Elizabethan England to the California Gold Rush, Early Modern level one is a complete one-year curriculum guide that combines history with activities, world geography, great books, and writing. Young students study events from early modern times including nationalism and revolution: scientific, agricultural, industrial, French, and American. It was also a time of civil war and rebellion: English, Spanish, Scottish, Russian, and American. And it was a time of advancement and expansion: the Age of Reason, Galileo, Lewis and Clark, East India Trading Company, Mercantilism, and the Enlightenment. This comprehensive course covers the successes and the failures of civilizations in early modern history from all parts of the world.

History Odyssey Early Modern Level One is a teacher/parent guide that provides step by step lessons to teach world history from 1600 to 1850.

This guide includes:

  • 18 early modern history blackline maps
  • Hands-on activity instructions
  • Extensive library lists for each lesson
  • Suggested schedule for a 36 week school year
  • 20 detailed lessons (each lesson includes one to two weeks of assignments) covering:
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Map work
    • Activities

The History Odyssey Method– Five learning techniques are woven throughout all History Odyssey courses at age-appropriate levels: Students examine multiple resources, read historically significant literature, develop and strengthen critical thinking skills, practice and refine written and verbal expression, and study world geography and geographical significances throughout the history of humankind.


The History Odyssey method found in Early Modern 1:

Multiple Resources

  • Listen to/read the early modern history of groups of people from France, England, Russia, India, the Americas, United States, Canada, Africa, Celts, Australia, China, Japan, and more told as an exciting story
  • Read about early modern history events in a history encyclopedia
  • Learn about cultures via craft projects, cooking, and coloring pages depicting historic scenes.


  • Read/listen to historic fiction books
  • Read/listen to biographies of important men and women in history
  • Read/listen to history tales and culture stories set to poetry and song

Written & Verbal Expression

  • Identify new vocabulary words and practice dictionary work
  • Choose important aspects of the history lesson to summarize
  • Identify keywords in reading passages (prerequisite to outlining)
  • Write or verbalize answers to reading comprehension questions
  • Complete short creative writing assignments

Critical Thinking

  • Exposure to at least three interpretations of the same events in history
  • Identify key words and concepts in the history lesson
  • Choose important aspects of the history lesson to illustrate and summarize
  • Answer thought-provoking history and literature questions
  • Investigate the unique histories of many cultures
  • Learn how the histories of different groups of people were affected by religion
  • Begin to critically explore the impact imperialism had on native peoples and slavery in early modern history
  • Develop an understanding of the explosion of scientific discoveries, exploration, and industrial advancements during early modern history


  • Identify and label countries, cities, land and water areas
  • Compare modern-day geography to early modern geography
  • Develop an understanding of the size and scale of land and water areas
  • Learn about geographical obstacles and advantages and their effect on early modern history
  • Study the routes of explorers and discover the effects of world exploration during early modern times

Also from Pandia Press.

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