Magic Forest Academy – Winter Bundle eBooks

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Magic Forest Academy – Winter Bundle eBooks



Magic Forest Academy-Winter Bundle is a compilation of 13 nature-based secular unit studies that can be used independently for a secular nature based curriculum supporting ages 7-12. This is one of 4 Seasonal Bundles. Written as child-led but adaptable as instructional guides used by Educators.

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Magic Forest Academy – Winter Bundle

Magic Forest Academy-Winter Bundle is a compilation of 13 nature unit studies that can be used independently for a secular nature based curriculum supporting ages 7-12.

These unit studies are brimming with academics; including, Reading, Math, Science, Arts/Crafts, Fun/Games, Recipe, and numerous additional Activities geared around History, Geography, Cultural Studies, Nature Journaling and more, including recommended Field Trips.

Whilst most of our unit studies contains a rich and robust craft activity, ten of our unit studies features a famous artist study.

Each of our unit studies also features a unique indigenous culture of North America (over 52 unique tribes and communities!), because our nature studies naturally introduced us to these cultures, who are champions of nature, and whom we can learn much from.

The best part about Magic Forest Academy-Winter Bundle, is children not only learn crucial language arts, math, science and more, but our educational program instills a love and appreciation of nature, inspiring future generations of conservationists. The best way to raise a lifelong learner!
*****Our 52 Individual Nature Unit Study books are $3.50/each; or
*****Our 4 Seasonal Bundles; containing 13 nature unit studies each, are $35.50/bundle; or
*****Our Complete Full Year 52 nature study bundle is only $100 
We give you a lot for your investment, because we think education should be affordable!

Magic Forest Academy-Winter Bundle is secular nature themed unit study series and can be used inclusively or to compliment other curricula. Also included is our Stage 2 Syllabus and Full-Year Seasonal Overview Chart,  guiding you on how to use all 52 books, in the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Series that this Unit study is a part of.

The entire Magic Forest Line of Stage 2 unit studies. You can check out all 4 seasonal bundles!

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Magic Forest Academy – Winter Bundle

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