Mathcraft A Multiplication Mystery

Mathcraft A Multiplication Mystery



Mathcraft A Multiplication Mystery is an engaging fun challenge with a Minecraft theme! For more computational thinking activities Get special pricing on the Peripherals Devices & Simple Machines STEM Activity BUNDLE!

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Product Description

Mathcraft A Multiplication Mystery: By solving mixed multiplication problems, students will solve riddles such as;
How does Minecraft Steve get his exercise?

To unlock the answer they must solve the times’ table challenges and bonus word problems that will lead to the letters they need to form the solution.

There is extra challenge built into each mystery according to how the letters are allocated.
Some riddles re-use letters and some have letters that must be used in the indicated order… and some have a mixture of both!
Clear instructions are provided on the front page of each printable for your students.

Included in this pack:
5 Challenging Mysteries (2 X A4 pages each challenge)
Mixed Times’ Tables 1-12
Provided in a colored version (Minecraft colors) and Black and White if preferred to save on ink!
Solutions Sheet

Bonus Numbers Lucky Block Game
Students Lucky Block Worksheet ( color & B/W)
1 -100 Chart cutouts (color & B/W)
Gameplay instructions
Minecraft® is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB, which does not authorize or endorse this multiplication resource.

Reviews for Mathcraft A Multiplication Mystery

Review 1
Since many kids enjoy riddles and many kids enjoy Minecraft, this is a great resource!
Laurie. E
Review 2
My students loved this activity.
Dawne. J
Review 3
This is cool! The kids really enjoyed it and it was an effective revision of multiplication facts.
Kathryn. P

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