Peripherals Activity Pack & Simple Machines STEM Activity Pack BUNDLE

Peripherals Activity Pack & Simple Machines STEM Activity Pack BUNDLE



With the Peripherals Activity Pack & Simple Machines STEM Activity Pack BUNDLE you get special pricing on two top quality coding activities! Students learn about simple machines & while using computational thinking and skills needed for computer science.

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Product Description

Check out the Peripherals Activity Pack & Simple Machines STEM Activity Pack BUNDLE

Learning about Peripheral Devices with an unplugged activity pack!

Product Summary for Learning about Peripheral Devices

Included is information about;

* Inputs

* Outputs

* Storage

* Sending and receiving.

Students can then test this knowledge by playing the games with the game cards and make their own peripheral knowledge tester Chatter Box!

This video explains what is included with this purchase.

The Learning Pack includes:

• Peripheral Device Information Sheet

• Chatter Box to print, make and play

• 16 Game cards (color & black and white versions provided) with peripheral device illustrations.

Students play a variety of games to match them with an input, output or storage card via a fast-paced “Snap” or “Pairs” game.

The cards are also fantastic for a quiz!

Playing to learn!

Reviews of Peripheral Devices Activity Pack

Review 1
This is the best resource – I’ve used it 2 or 3 years in a row now and my students love it. The Snap game and chatterbox really help to practice the peripheral concepts in a fun way. Best buy for me!
Haylee. G
Review 2
Kids loved the chatterbox and it really helped teach the concept.
Shanine. C
Review 3
Very useful, well set out activities
Kathryn. W

Play to learn with the Simple Machines STEM Activity Pack!

This activity pack is a great way to learn what type of simple machine everyday items are!
Students learn about:
Inclined Planes
Wheel & Axle
By playing the games with the chatterbox and game cards, students can pair the item with the correct simple machine card.
Items include:
Hockey Stick
Steering Wheel
Sticky Tape Holder
Tied Shoelace
Airplane Wheels
Lid & more…
The STEM Simple Machines Activity Pack game cards can be used for a variety of fun games and full instructions are provided for Snap & Pairs. The game cards are also useful for a team class quiz!

Included in the 14-page download are color cards as well as black and white versions so you can print on colored paper and save precious ink. I suggest you laminate the cards for durability.
Reviews for Simple Machine STEM activity pack

Review 1
This is a great resource! Clean, crisp and attractive. I have never seen a Simple Machines Chatter Box before! What a fun idea, thanks.
Melissa. L
Review 2
This was a lot of fun! Great resource
Hailey. K
Review 3
Kids can’t get enough of the ChatterBox!
Tracy. H

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Peripherals Activity Pack & Simple Machines STEM Activity Pack BUNDLE

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