The Illustrated Alphabet of Flowers

The Illustrated Alphabet of Flowers


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Product Description

Your little one will enjoy the rhymes and specially crafted illustrations–all the while learning about flowers.

This book features a mix of flowers, familiar and unusual, to intrigue children of all ages. Each illustration of a flower is accompanied by a poem that teaches nature while delighting the listener with rhythm and rhyme.

Written by a multi-award-winning children’s writer.

Ideal for homeschoolers!

Beautiful pictures – easy to use! Loved how easy this book was to share with preschoolers- very colorful and fun to share at story time. Thank you!

This alphabet flower book is beautiful and educational. It’s a wonderful book full of interesting facts about flowers. For example, did you know Jasmine flowers are called “Queen of the Night?” Not only that, but they’re also known for their calming properties. Many children will be fascinated by the facts they’ll learn in this book and they’ll love the bright illustrations. Young readers will love it.


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