The Illustrated Alphabet of Vegetables

The Illustrated Alphabet of Vegetables


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Product Description

Before creating this book, we read the reviews of other vegetable alphabet books (and the books, themselves) to find out what you liked about them, and what you didn’t. We then tailored this book to meet the needs you expressed:

As much as possible, common vegetables are shown in this book, so your child can learn about the vegetables they are likely to come across.

True-to-life illustrations make it easy for your child to recognize the vegetables in the grocery store and at home.

Each vegetable is shown whole, and cut, so your child can see what it looks like inside. We have seen no other vegetable alphabet book that does this.

The poem that accompanies each vegetable emphasizes an aspect of eating the vegetable, an approach which is unique to this alphabet book. For example, for Potato, the poem reads:

It has just one flaw:
You must it cooked,
And not eat it raw!

The charming rhymes make it easy for your child to remember the facts.

Each letter of the alphabet, and each vegetable name, is shown in both uppercase and lowercase.

This book is part of “Eve Heidi’s Alphabet Series.”

Want to get your young people to eat healthily? Or even yourself for that matter? Well this is the book. Eve Heidi Bine-Stock’s picture book, The Illustrated Alphabet of Vegetables, is a very clever approach to introducing vegetables of all shapes and sizes to a young reader. And it integrates with learning the alphabet! Accompanied by spectacular illustrations (very colorful), each vegetable is introduced alphabetically, like “A is for Artichoke”, followed by a short, three-line rhyming verse. Not only will the young reader learn about these vegetables (both common and not so well known), they’ll be rhyming along with each one. Of course, this is not a conclusive list of vegetables available, but it is a very enticing selection, from tomatoes, lettuce, corn and potatoes, to horseradish, urad beans, xanthan gum and so much more. A real veggie treasure. Loved it!


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