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Wild at the ZooWild at the Zoo Ebook
Our World NeighborsOur World Neighbors Ebook
Bugging Around InsectsBugging Around Ebook
About the Author

Jason Grooms is a science nut and a homeschooling father of six ever-curious kids (two graduated and four still in process). He finds no greater joy than sharing his passion for learning and helping inspire the next generation of super geniuses. Jason is an Anthropologist by education, an animal care and behavior specialist by training, a teacher by accident, and a learning and development executive by choice. Through the years he’s had the honor and pleasure of teaching thousands of kids and adults about science and nature over the past 25 years, and now he’s sharing that experience and passion with kids, parents, and teachers everywhere. His books are designed to challenge kids to discover the world around them by engaging with hands-on learning, applying critical thinking skills, observing, collecting data, and synthesizing results.